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Our Aim and Objectives

           The Aims and objectives of the Trust shall be carried out without a profit motive whatsoever and all its activities will be prompted solely by a service motive. The objects for which this Trust has been formed are of a wholly Public Charitable nature in accordance with the definition of Charitable purpose under Section 2 (15),11,12 and 13 and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. If any of the objects is found to be inconsistent with Charitable Purpose under this Act as amended from time or any other direct tax law that may be applicable at a future date, the objects stated shall be so construed and modified in
accordance with such law so that the character of this Trust as a Public Charitable Trust shall be retained.

A) The Primary object of the Trust is to provide medical help and relief to Paraplegics and any other kid
od aid, assistance, to support, training and monitoring to make them self-confident, self-reliant and
economically independent and productive.

The activities to carry out the above object shall include the following:

I. To grant aid to, establish, support and maintain clinics, hospitals, therapy rooms and other
medical institutions to provide medical consultancy, medical aid treatment, physiotherapy to
II. To arrange, provide relief or grant aid in the supply of medicines, medical and surgical
equipment, including the designing, constructing, fabricating and providing such equipment,
prosthetics, accessories as may be necessary to assist in and increase their mobility and aid in
their rehabilitation.
III. To facilitate education and training of medical and para-medical persons and students in
specialized care and treatment of paraplegics and other disabilities by arranging courses for
degrees, diplomas and certificates in such specialized science including the support of research
in the same.
IV. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops of professionals engaged in research and
treatment of paraplegics and other types of physical and neurological conditions, to update and
exchange information, research and advancements in the care and treatment of such conditions
and to publish research papers, periodicals and to use any media and do everything possible for
communicating knowledge, skills and expertise of the same and to bring awareness to the
general public.
V. To train and educate family members and relatives on proper care to be taken of paraplegics
and persons with other physical and neurological conditions so that they integrated or
rehabilitated to the maximum extent possible into their own communities.
VI. To establish, undertake, maintain or grant aid to forums, support groups, institutions
involved with care and treatment of paraplegics and persons with disabilities and to liaise
with these and other similar organizations including the Government and to involve and
engage them in all consultations and public engagements that will arouse consciousness over
constitutional rights of persons with such disabilities and will facilitate the implementing of
laws, policies, procedures that prevent the discrimination against such persons and also to
proactively engage and work in partnerships with and develop Local Strategic Partnerships
(LSP) with various people groups, institutions, organizations, corporate and employers to
train and educate them to develop a positive attitude and good relationships with persons
with disabilities so that their societal responsibilities are effectively carried out by promoting
equality of opportunity without any discrimination against them.
VII. To design, alter, construct or provide aid and advise so that all public premises and facilities,
whether buildings, parks or other public facilities and all types of public transportation are
made accessible to paraplegics and persons with disabilities including the provision of various
types of audio and sensory facilities and equipment that assist persons with disabilities and
other impairments to effectively access and use all types of public premises, facilities and
VIII. To provide training in the use of appropriate skills and up to date technology, that will enable
paraplegics and other with disabilities to be usefully and productively employed, including,
when possible, a professional workspace dedicated for such persons.

B) To establish, maintain, grant aid and support to individuals, clinics, health care centers, hospitals
and organizations in supporting, sustaining and guiding persons with harmful and addictive habits.
including drug and substance abuse and addiction, alcoholism, pornography; those suffering
emotional imbalance, stress, anxieties, depression due to financial pressures, interpersonal conflicts
in family, society, occupation etc., by means of interviews, literatures, films show, seminars etc., to
heal them of these disorders and assist them to cope with life's anxieties, stress and problems leading.
to their holistic growth and also to establish, maintain, grant aid and support to emergency exit.
homes, de-addiction centers, rehabilitation and relief homes, counseling centers for the same.

C) To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine,
earthquake, flood, fire, pestilence, tsunamis etc., and medical relief and relief to the poor when
possible and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishments or persons.
engaged in such relief work.

D) To network with, grant aid and support to other organizations with similar aims and objects as the
Trust and to undertake any other institutional activities consistent with the other objectives.

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